Mossish  - preserved moss for home decor - stay surrounded by nature!
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Mossish was born from yearning of having nature around me, even indoor, and if i can work with nature without causing it harm, why not?

Who would not like to have a natural plant in the house that does not need to be watered? Yes, you read well! Does not require water! Actually, besides your admiration, it doesn’t need anything.

I know how hard it is to maintain a natural plant, especially in the house - it needs to be watered, cleaned, it needs light, it just need the right temperature - not too warm, not too cold. Or maybe you leave for a couple of days and you can’t give it at least a minimum of water and in the end, if you can’t keep it alive, sometimes a feeling of guilt can be experienced.

And then, here i am with the solution! Framed, decorative moss is suitable for any room, whether in large or small quantity, it gives life to your space, they have a great impact, and they give you energy just by looking at it.

The frames, panels and every object decorated with moss are handmade, so each product is unique, although it is made in the same way.

I should tell you a little bit about moss, shouldn’t I?

Moss is a separate group of organisms, basically they are the result of a permanent cohabitation between a fungus and a green or blue alga. Just as snowdrops are known as "harbinger of spring," moss is the” harbinger of vegetation," because they are the first to settle in improper places to help other types of plants develop in nature.

There are many types of moss, but the most often used type for interior decorations is Cladonia Stellaris (scientific name), and we know it as the Reindeer Moss which can be mostly found in the Polar Circle.

The stabilization process through decorative moss pass is an ecological process that replaces water with water with glycerin, and in order to obtain certain colors of moss, non-toxic food pigments are added. Going through this process, the plant maintains its texture, color, elasticity, it no longer require water or light - it seems to have just been harvested, and most importantly, it has a long life.

Seeing the living nature framed on your wall, it's amazing - it's amazing as well feeling the moss through your fingers when you touch it (and for sure you wil do this for so many time) - you'll enjoy it every time you see it, it can not be unnoticed!

You can create your own corner of nature at your desk or home with a small vertical garden.

Stay surrounded by nature!