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Lime-Green Moss mixed with Wood

Lime-Green Moss mixed with Wood


This frame has a nice mix of moss and small pieces of wood.

The color of the moss used for this frame is a lime-green shade and the wood has a soft layer of stain on it.

A frame with decorative reindeer moss on the wall and pieces of nature can change the ambiance of space - it fits perfectly for people who loves to be surrounded by nature and do not step back when it comes to welcome it in their homes - especially when there's no need for offering maintenance to the plant.

Decorative moss is of great impact due to its texture and color and brings life indoor. This framed moss has a square shape and has the following dimensions:

-Length : 32 cm ( 12,6 inches)

- Width: 32 cm ( 12, 6 inches)

It comes in white frame.

It doesn't need to be watered and needs no maintenance. Stay surrounded by nature!


    - up to 10 years long lifetime

    - it doesn't require watering, trimming or lighting

    - maintenance - free

    - it has anti - static effect ( no vacuum / clean needed)

    - it doesn't attract insects

    - it has a natural and nice aspect

    - purifies the air

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