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Blue Moss Bamboo Box

Blue Moss Bamboo Box


Small bamboo box filled with blue moss.
It can be placed in your home or at your office for adding color and nature indoor. Even it's a small element in your home, it has a great visual impact. 

The bamboo box has a rectangle shape and the following dimensions:
Length: 4, 5 inches (10, 5 cm) 
Width: 3, 1 inches (7, 7 cm) 
Height: 2, 5 inches (6, 3 cm) 

Stay surrounded by nature!

*for other colors, please visit the “moss color” section in site and contact me before placing the order, or place the order and specify the color at checkout in the Additional Information section.

Kindly note: devices may display colors a bit differently.


- up to 10 years long lifetime

- it doesn't require watering, trimming or lighting

- maintenance - free

- it has anti - static effect ( no vacuum / clean needed)

- it doesn't attract insects

- it has a natural and nice aspect

- purifies the air

  • READY FOR SHIPPING: 3 - 5 days

    The product is made to order. The delivery term varies depending on the number of orders received, but is generally shorter.

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